What is Made Beaver (MB)

The Made Beaver is our local and indigenous currency. It is the basis of economic trade among ourselves, is designed to facilitate trade and bring about prosperity to our people.

According to the United Nations; nation states shall not interfere with economic development on indigenous lands.

Jacob Hiller; U.n.d.r.i.p.

Below are some ideas that are pertinent to our system.


The MB is laboured for and is issued when our friends work for a cause that supports our communities.


Many people are content to barter, however not everyone loves your product and services and that limits your ability to trade with them. However everyone loves and accepts the MB and this fact allows you to trade with people regardless of how they feel about what you offer.

This fact alone will increase your market share and bring prosperity to your ventures.

Economic Development

It is our desire to increase velocity of our beloved MB. It needs to move from hand to hand to gain value. Every opportunity to exchange MB should be taken to stimulate both education and community growth of our indigenous economy.

History of the Made Beaver

You can see a very good History of our beloved MB >>>HERE<<<

During the early years of the fur trade, money was not used in exchange for furs and trade goods. Trade tokens, made of wood, ivory or shell, were the earliest used currency. The unit of value was based on the value of beaver pelts as they were the most sought after fur used in the hat-making industry. A large beaver skin would be cleaned and stretched and was known as a Made Beaver or 1 MB. Trappers would use the Made Beaver to trade for items at the Trading Post. The tokens evolved and metal tokens were issued by the Hudson’s Bay Company in the 1800’s. They were stamped with the HBC crest on one side and with the letters HB (Hudson’s Bay Co.) EM (East Main District) and MB (Made Beaver) and the denomination of 1 MB, 1/2 MB, 1/4 MB or 1/8MB. The first tokens were actually stamped with an NB due to an error by the die cutter.


The MB will support our youth by allowing them to have greater opportunities with in our economic sphere.


The elders may get an MB subsidy to help with every day expenses that their Canadian pension does not cover.

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